We are dedicated towards creating innovative psychotherapeutic treatments founded on the principles of neuroscience. We give treatment to patients suffering from the psychological scars of trauma which has transformed into a mental illness as a result of single past events or consistent pattern of events which are the foundation of quite a few mental illnesses. These illnesses if left untreated can lead to self-harm, depression or suicide. Signs of trauma include but not limited to:

Post Traumatic Stress Disorders, Bi-polar Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder to mention but a few.

A study conducted on the origination of trauma shows that untreated trauma stifles the efficacy of the nervous system to work properly while significantly changing brain chemistry. These traumatic conditions after being left unchecked lead to various mental and behavioural illnesses which can lead to the consequences mentioned above.

There are traumatic conditions which are hard to discover and these have the capacity to go unnoticed for years. This can lead to unexplained behaviour in the future where the trauma has reached a crisis point.

Some of the crisis can be triggered by present events and this may lead to the individual taking drastic, irrational action like causing self-harm or causing harm towards others. This is why it is always reinforced to give a child the fundamental necessities such as physical and mental care for proper development of the child into a healthy responsible adult in the future.

Our treatment procedure is inspired by innovative trends in mental health research. Some of these include; Sensors motor Psychotherapy, Somatic Integration Therapy, and Life Wellness Integration, amongst many others.

We work in tandem with government certified psychiatrists and general practitioners to assist their methods rather than to supplant them. Some of the symptoms we diagnose and treat are related to compulsion, hopelessness, despair, rage and dissociation. A lot of these symptoms are related to or are the foundation of many mental and behavioural disorders such as PTSD, ADD, and BPD.

We give our patients a program which we strictly follow for their treatment. This allows them to know the sessions to be had beforehand and prepare them mentally for what lies ahead. Exceptional cases which are beyond the expertise of the professionals in our facility are referred to the best therapists in the world. For a proper understanding of what we do, please click here.