When you sign up with our program, we ensure we take care of your travel expenses from your home international airport to the clinic. Makings sure you are stress-free from day one. We know we do not have the capacity to reach out to where you are, but we definitely have what it takes to bring you to our doorstep.

Our clientele come from different international destinations including the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Sweden, and so many more. Throughout our inception to date, we have treated a wide variety of people of different cultures who have nothing but positive reviews for us.

In our treatment center, we examine the different mental illnesses through a perspective of trauma to cure everyday mental health disorders and behavioural problems which if not taken care of, can rapidly deteriorate into self-harm, drug addiction, depression, mental debilitating disease and so forth.

Our treatment procedure is a culmination of all the latest innovation in the advancement of mental health. There are always new methods which produce better results. This is why we are at the forefront of mental health research and technology. We have quite a few centers for our clients and these are listed below:

This is where we offer our best most personal care. It is the nearest option to a mental hospital and it offers an array of custom programs which are tailored to the individual needs of a particular set of clients.

This facility offers the option for clients who have been critically evaluated to need a stricter, more personal standard of care than our usual community outreach centers and yet do not think a psychiatric clinic is able to meet their very particular needs. The treatment regimen focuses on treating the brain and nervous system while looking out for underlying symptoms of mental disability.

Facility Two

This is a more communal based treatment facility, quite unlike Facility One. It consists of a residential styled clinic with 25 spacious bedrooms en suite including a well-decorated dining room, finished with state of the art treatment facilities.

It is a residential retreat, created with the idea of extended care in mind. The beauty of this facility is its location in a picturesque environment while the interior decorations of the residence are made with bright colours. This helps lighten the mood, creating for a far pleasant experience.

The advantage of this facility is the ability to communicate with other people, the sharing of experiences, helping each other work on the road to recovery. Patients can take part in recovery work in situ, interacting with staff during group or individual sessions, while participating in physical health activities throughout their stay.

The programs in faculty two are flexible with a minimum stay duration of 30 days. It integrates individual and group sessions with a comprehensive range of symptom alleviating therapies, given patients the assistance they need to make full turn around to recovery.

You are free to contact either facility here.