"During the Ember Months towards the build up to last Christmas, my depression was at an all time high. With the weight of Christmas expectations piled shoulder high on my fragile mental health, It became extremely difficult to partake in the festive cheer which was being enjoyed by my small family. This made me miss my son's 11th birthday celebration because I was afraid of leaving my sanctuary at my basement.

Well, it is all history now as I have found solution for my condition with this facility.”

Dwayen Bulliver

“After months of pain and suffering I stumbled upon this facility through a Google search and subsequently booked myself for treatment. It was hard in the beginning and at a point I wanted to give up and go home. But the professionals persuaded me to stay and I began to realize how different I had become.

I started to notice some improvements to my overall behaviour and outlook towards life. Today my depression has decreased to minimal levels and I have nothing but thanks for the care I received with this mental health clinic."

- James A.

"The WPT (World Poker Tour) wouldn't have been the same without my mental preparations. I was able to keep my cool through the tournament and came in 3rd."

- Nicola G,

"I would like to say a huge and sincere thanks for all this facility has done for me. Although my illness is not completely cured I am grateful."

- Lilian E.