We are one of the few private mental health clinic located in the country that have made a reputation for distinction. We are specialists in treating behavioural disorders while helping our clients have a balance in their everyday life.

There are very few other facility that has the standard of care we have on offer. This is because we treat each patient individually knowing no two cases are exactly the same. Our vision has always been to assist people who have lost their way in the process of finding treatment; to treat them carefully, while making sure they are placed on the best road to mental health and fitness.

We know recovery is a lifelong step with no certain or laid down guarantee for success but our team of mental experts ranks among the best in the country. This makes us your number one point of call for everything that has to do with your mental wellbeing.

We ensure your history with mental illness becomes a thing of the past as you look forward to a brighter future. There is no other place to discover inner peace than at our state of the art facility.

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A lot of people downgrade or trivialize the importance of mental health. But recent statistic has shown that mental diseases have been on the rise by over 40% since the turn of the millennium. The illness is critically life threatening. A sickness which controls how you feel, sucks out your happiness and makes you entrapped in a false reality that is not of your own making. You need not keep quiet and suffer in silence when we can give you the best treatment you can ever need.

By coming to us you can learn to receive relief, control your disorder and maintain a happy productive life amongst society. Please contact us today.