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Glass Circle Cutter: Cut Perfect Circles In Glass
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Cut Glass Circles Easily

Cutting a Circle Of Glass Made Easy

Many people might think that cutting an accurate circle in a piece of glass or stained glass is a pretty tricky process. Well doing it free hand with a glass cutter it would be. However with the help of a specialist circle glass cutter the process is actually reasonably straightforward. Working in a similar way that a protractor does when you draw circles, a circle cutter has a glass cutting tip where the pencil would be and a rubber gripping foot where the pointy bit of a protractor would be (ie the Centrex of your circle)

Holding the centre in place you slowly bring the cutter around in an ark until a circle has been scored. All you need to do now is a few straight line scores radiating from the circle and a careful use of some running pliers to break the glass off around the circle scores. It will only take a couple of attempts before you can cut circles in glass with ease.
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Great Budget Cutter:
Glastar Circle/ Strip Cutter $37.95
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The Easiest Cutter to Use
Silberschnitt Pro Circle Cutter $99.99
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