What is Glass?

Silica is the main chemical component of glass it is a very unique medium to use in art, half solid and half liquid, sometimes transparent, sometimes opaque, strong yet fragile, clear or colored. The most basic form of production comes from the heating of silica rich sand particles to very high temperatures until they melt and bond together creating a continous, transparent and brittle sheet like structure.
Archeologists and historians have deduced that such transparent materials were even used in mosaics as long ago as  as 2500 BC (The first evidence of primitive is actually from 3500 BC) 
Probably the first discovery of how to produce it came when small quantites of sand got heated  accidently in the fires used for cooking and warmth by ancient peoples.
From immense and imposing cathedral windows down to delicate hand blown ornaments, it comes in many forms and uses. Once the preserve of the elite and powerful in society (ie the churches), it is now a material that is increasingly accessible to the masses. Using it in your home can create an unusual and attractive, dynamic quality to your interior decor. It is something some  people may not be bold enough to try using. But if you are adventurous it can really create an element of light and color that few other homes posess.
Read through this site for ideas and inspiration for your home and your own craft projects. All work is copyrighted to the site owner.

yin yang glass tile mosaic
blue glass mosaic
celtic knot glass mosaic
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1) Stained Glass Mosaic Instructions  Simple Instructions on how to make a truly unique piece of craft work. Anyone can do it with a little patience.

2) Glass Gallery - A set of vibrant images showing some of the styles of craft work whcih can be produced with this highly unusual method

3) Instructional Videos  Highlighting  the process of mosaic from start to finish. See how different artists approcah the method and get inspired!

What's This Site All About?

Take a look around this site for inspiration on stained glass mosaic in arts, in crafts and in interior home decoration. 

Stained Glass Mosaic Information

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Glass -On-Glass  Mosaic Overview

Whilst small pieces of glass can be used in a similar way to standard opaque  mosiac, its unique quality of transparency, means it can be used in a very much more vibrant way in the form of a light filled mosaic.

By utilising transparent glues such as Weldbond or clear shower sealant (the sort that you use in bathrooms around showers or baths),  mosaic work which allows light to shine through can be used. In this way the colors are truly illuminated.

Illuminated art can have a much more dynamic appearance than works where the light is merely reflected off the surface. This is most evident in the amazing Rose Windows of many religious buildings around the world.

All work shown in the gallery and  through out this website use this specific technique.

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